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"Nuanced... inspiring...a design story at its core, but stand back a bit and you find something grander: a document of America at its most vulnerable."

Architectural Record

"Honest and engrossing . . . shows how ingenuity and spark can restore excitement in education."

New York Daily News

"A heartening story about the power of design!"


"Well crafted and unexpectedly moving ... [Patrick] Creadon is shaping up to be an unpredictable yet dependently intelligent documentarian."


"Provocative, inspiring ..."


"The film's charm is in watching these unlikely kids, quietly dream up big ideas, gaining confidence in their newfound abilities every step of the way."


"Offers a hopeful vision for a new kind of public education system in which students learn the skills necessary to design their own futures and give back to their own needy communities."


"An inspiring documentary which shows the power of design as a tool for education and social good."

“Engaging film directed by Patrick Creadon [Word Play], follows the short life of Studio H in Windsor. The class is taught by a young, can-do couple, Emily Pilloton and Matthew Miller, who run a California-based nonprofit design firm called Project H.”

Washington City Paper

“A moving portrait of two designer-activists with an all-consuming desire to help revitalize a rural town in Bertie County, N.C., despite institutional roadblocks”

Indy Week

“It’s always weird and wonderful to see your own story told back to you…the filmmakers did a beautiful job. They were there to document the story and also helped us craft it.”

The Herald Sun


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