Ambassador Program

Want to get involved with IF YOU BUILD IT as it rolls out to theaters across the country? Contact us to become an official Ambassador for the film. We’ll send you a care package of postcards and posters so you can hang them around your community to get word out about the film’s opening in your area.

As an official ambassador, we’ll ask you to:

  • Post photos of where you place the postcards and posters on our Facebook page.
  • Follow us on Twitter for exclusive updates
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Send an email to your friends when the film is opening near you and encourage them to attend with you.
  • Group showings at your local theater: Want to make it a party? If you can get a group of 25 people or more to see the film together at your local theater, we can help arrange discounted admission for your entire group. This process can take a few days to arrange, so it’s best that you contact your group early to see who is interested.

If IF YOU BUILD IT is not yet scheduled to play at a theater near you, contact your local theater and ask them to program the film. More dates will be added soon, so please check the site often for updates.

Not sure if becoming an ambassador is a good fit for you, but still want to help? Help us by spreading the word about the film! Do you know of a newsletter or blog that you think IF YOU BUILD IT should be mentioned in? Do you have your own newsletter or blog and would like to mention IF YOU BUILD IT? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!